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Weight Control for Pets

Where the biggest loser is the biggest winner Your Vets

We offer structured weight loss plans for overweight cats and dogs, and helpful, supportive advice for owners.  We recommend several very effective and  high quality weight reduction foods including Hills R/D, Hills M/D and Eukanuba Restricted Calorie.

Signs of Weight Problems include

  • Difficulty feeling ribs & spine
  • Sagging abdomen
  • Round face with sagging cheeks
  • Loss of waist
  • Lagging behind on walks (dogs)
  • Barks without getting up (dogs)
  • Formation of knots & matts in coat due to reduction in grooming (cats)
  • Appears tired & lazy
  • Difficulty getting on chairs or into car
  • Panting excessively (dogs)
  • Resists playing games

Excessive weight gain over long periods of time can also be a contributing factor in many serious health conditions including

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis

If you would like advice regarding, or help with planning your pets diet , we would love to talk to you!