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Routine Surgery

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We perform routine surgeries such as neutering, spaying and dental procedures from Monday to Friday.

Patients are admitted in the morning generally between 7.30am-9am and are ready to go home that afternoon.

On arrival you will be required to complete a hospital admission form with one of our nurses. Download admission form. Please allow 5-10mins for the completion of this form.

Your pet will then be taken through to the dog or cat ward and given a pre-anaesthetic check before they are prepped for their procedure.

All routine surgical procedures at Marshall & Pringle Petmed
receive a high standard of care during the day which will include:

  • Preanaesthetic assessment
  • Appropriate anaesthesia with full monitoring from a qualified theatre nurse during the procedure. Our main anaesthetic agents are propofol and isoflurane
  • Full supervision during recovery
  • An individually tailored pain relief plan.