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Referral Services

Specialist help is available if needed Your Vets

Many specialist veterinary services are available for Christchurch pets if the need arises. For complicated cases, especially surgical cases, we can offer referral to a registered specialist for consultation and treatment.

Services available include:

  • Advanced surgery at Vetspecs in Christchurch. We offer and organise referral for more complicated procedures such as : Spinal Surgery, Chest Surgery, difficult orthopedic cases, MRI and CT scans. Follow up visits are usually done at our clinic in Kaiapoi

     Vetspecs: Veterinary Surgical Specialists Christchurch 

  • Ultrasound referrals. We have access to ultrasound services performed by Dr Richard Lucy who is a highly skilled veterinary (and human) ultrasonographer. He offers an excellent imaging service which can include ultrasound guided needle biopsies.
  • Medical Case referrals- for clients willing to travel to the North Island , the services of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (MUVTH) are available
  • X Ray referrals- with digital X Rays, it is a very simple and cost effective option to get second opinions on X Rays. We can often get an answer back within 12-24 hours.