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Puppy Preschool

We can help get your puppy off to a good start in life! Your Vets

Jo McGregor, one of our vet nurses, takes puppy preschool classes in the waiting room on Monday evenings. The puppies need to be between 8-16 weeks of age, and have had at least one vaccination. Many commands are taught using positive reward based training methods.  As well as learning come, sit, down, wait, and stay, other good habits are formed at these classes, such as learning not to jump up at people, and walking nicely on a lead. Puppies also learn important socialisation skills as they play with the other puppies. The Puppy Preschool courses run for 4 weeks, and children are welcome to join in the fun!

Jo has a Massey University Certificate in Canine Behaviour and a B.Sc in Zoology and Psychology. Home visits for individual training are also available on request.