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Pain Management Philosophy

Part of our ongoing commitment to excellence. Your Vets

We advocate effective pain management programmes for both acute and chronic conditions. As advocates for their patients, the veterinary team at Marshall & Pringle Petmed has the responsibility to recognize, assess , prevent and treat pain. Many health conditions and procedures cause pain in cats and dogs.

Attention to pain is fundamental to every aspect of animal care at our clinic. Current standard of care allows for the vast majority of patients to be made comfortable the vast majority of the time.

 Cats and dogs have similar neural pathways to humans and it is believed that they feel pain the same as we do although they may not exhibit it like we do.

We are committed to providing effective pain management for:

  • Acute conditions such as post operative pain relief, injuries, fractures, lacerations etc.
  • All surgical procedures receive pain management in the postoperative period
  • Chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, heart failure
  • All surgical patients have a tailored pain management plan for an appropriate period post-operatively
  • For more severe pain we use a number of analgesia tools including IV drips with continuous pain medication, frequent injections of pain medications that act in different ways,transdermal Fentanyl patches, local nerve blocks and local anaesthetic blocks
  • Pain Management at home-involves multiple oral medications that work in different ways